Dear Readers,

Several years ago, I wouldn’t imagine to actually start walking the path of technology. At some point, I remember discussing subjects like economics, financial, even become a civil engineer  but never technology. Thinking again, I can’t remember what was the odds of destiny that stroke me down and push me with many G-forces to the wonderful technology world; I’m so glad that destiny ignored all of my requests and ending up in this field.

Since my early steps on the technology field, I have been very very fortunate to learn and work around many dedicated, skillful and talented people. By interacting with other folks outside technology world, I have learned something from them too. What leads me to point out to you that we can learn something from every person and each person is better than us on something.


Important keys to succeeding in the technology field are the hunger for learning, the capacity to think analytically, and the power of listening.

I have always carried the mentality that some lucky golden dust is needed; however, the other 95% of the result will come from the person and input given to the task. As the existence of being lucky can be somehow proved by equalizing to a coincidence brought to our paths due to the consequence of our actions (This didn’t come from greek literature) , it has been more than obvious to me that I wouldn’t be where I’m today if I never gave my 110% on my given task.

Therefore, my philosophy is to always evaluate the terrain, calculate where the winds are blowing and then move in the most accurate trajectory toward my goal.

Financial discipline and strategy are on my core as well. I have kept a steady learning curve around financial and wealth management. This has changed my way of thinking and mentality when dealing with my daily task or challenges on technology.

First, I exercise my brain thru constant learning, plus it is a nice activity switch after being hours around programming code, software, tools or lengthy documentations. Being financially educated has opened many doors to me in the past, ranging from promotions to new line of income.

I have been able to talk to the side of business, sales and marketing of several companies as I was one of them and being able to witness their surprise—I have enjoyed a lot— as they thought of me just a computer guy. It is important to keep track of all of our expenses to make wise future decisions and I have been able to do such by using Personal Capital .

Personal Capital has been fantastic for helping me monitor my net worth, manage my expenses, and cut down on exorbitant mutual fund fees in my 401K.


  • A 13-year technology veteran with 2 bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineer. Fluent in two languages : English, Spanish.
  • Failed to learn German (I still have time to beat this one)
  • Passionate soccer fan. I enjoy watching any soccer league, however, the Premier is my favorite
  • I love sunshine Florida and Mickey Mouse Orlando, thus unconditional Orlando City soccer club follower!
  • Good listener, learn that people are more interesting to talk to you than listen what you have to say. I chose to listen to them better
  • Not a Hall of Fame star but can play any sport and bring a decent result to the table—except basketball. For some reason, I can’t get to dribble the ball without breaking the rules
  • Been in more than 10 countries but my world map is yelling me for more pins (Working on it)
  • Avid reader and passionate about technology: programming, software, tools, database, algorithm, anything interesting…

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.

Elbert Hubbard