Amazon Prime’s free same-day deliveries arrive in Orlando, Florida

Amazon’s free same-day delivery service for its Prime membership customers just expanded to 11 more metro areas in past April. The new cities are Charlotte, Cincinnati, Fresno, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Stockton, and Tucson. The online retailer also said it’s added more locations in the existing service areas of central New Jersey, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Amazon Included Orlando in The Surrealist Wave

Amazon kept its word and they now added to the list the Home of Mickey Mouse: Orlando Florida. Orlando is now part of the new “don’t know how to call it yet” list of cities inside the Science Fiction experience with drones flying everywhere.

Drones delivering the package within two hours of being ordered. Maybe I’m exaggerating since there are not drones flying around….yet, however, this program is paving the road to make it possible in near future; and quote me when I say “near“.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime program paying $99 yearly fee to have some preferential perks service, now you can add the “Fast & Furious” product delivery (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial). It is true to say that not all prime products will classify for this 2 hours express shipping and there is a minimum purchase of $20 that you also have to meet.

Scott from the Orlando Sentinel shared his opinion about the subject, and he did it by using a very enjoyable sense of humor with his main character “Luc“. He is one of the voices that already expressed a concern about what could be the long-term side effect of this almost to nothing shipping strategy.


The society is growing in the sense of no having patience for anything, and everything is wanted right now. It applies to in place services, food, streaming services, the internet, online shopping and others. Amazon recognized it and decided to launch a program like this, so it is up to debate whether Amazon is making the social disease worst or just understanding the population better and taking advantage of it before its competitor does it.

Amazon vs Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie

Oh yeah, Amazon is launching its attack directly to the heart of monster groceries chains, no small business is targeted here to damaged since previous big corporations did the job already. Long is the time when those mom and pop business where around.

It was the other day when I didn’t have the Amazon Prime service and the wife was talking about to convince me to be happy paying $99 for a service that wasn’t really needed for me. Ah, but Amazon marketing folks are way smarter than me, and I got trap into the bait.

There was one day that I realized that all my online shopping were being done on Amazon only, and not Ebay or another online retailer that I used to go. Amazon captured my soul and promised me dreamed land, even selling me a new thing called “Fire TV” (didn’t need it in the first place and now use it every day).

There has been several occasions when looking for items and cannot find them then I have had to choose a close alternative just to be able to order from Amazon and have it on my door in 2 days. At that point, I comprehended that I betrayed Luke and joined the Dark Side (Darth Vader is now my BFF), nothing else could be done; it was too late for me.

Final Fate

Now comes a new wave of 2 hours shipping possibility which I would weight on it to be harmful for the young generation in the long term. It will teach them that everything is easy to obtain as far you have a credit card (parents’ one why not!) and make sure you already paid Amazon $99 to be in the elite group of Prime users.

“Blade Runner” life is here and sooner than we thought. I see families going less and less to Walmart or Publix, and more getting things at the ease of mouse click or phone touch. I’m skeptical of this new wave and worry at the same time on the social impact.

However, I’m at the moment going around the house asking everyone to give me one example item they might “need” in order to make an Amazon purchase greater than $20 and I will take the time to see if Luc or the drone gets to my door within two hours!


Provoking Thought: Could I order Google Chirp and replace Amazon Echo in two hours?

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