Why Comcast’s NBCUniversal invested $3.8-billion deal in DreamWorks Animation acquisition


Comcast’s NBCUniversal invested $3.8-billion deal in DreamWorks

“Comcast’s NBCUniversal has confirmed it has lined up a $3.8bn (£2.6bn) deal to buy DreamWorks Animation, maker of hits from Shrek to Kung Fu Panda, to create a formidable rival to Disney.” as reported by The Guardian. This strategic move comes at a very good moment for NBCUniversal to not only expand their network big titles but also to drastically incorporate large room of ideas to its Theme Park.

“DreamWorks Animation is a great addition to NBCUniversal,” Steve Burke, CEO of the Comcast unit, said in a statement. “Jeffrey Katzenberg and the DreamWorks organization have created a dynamic film brand and a deep library of intellectual property. DreamWorks will help us grow our film, television, theme parks and consumer products businesses for years to come.”

Not accidentally, Comcast and NBCUniversal are also looking to open a Universal theme park in China in 2019. Being able to add DreamWorks’ stable of characters, such as Po (from “Kung Fu Panda”), Toothless (from “How to Train Your Dragon”) and Shrek (from “Shrek”), to the Universal collection, including the widespread Minions, is a welcome boost.


Comcast’s NBCUniversal Expansion

That’s particularly important given the future park’s competition. Walt Disney is set to open its own theme park in Shanghai — Shanghai Disney — in June. Beijing and Shanghai aren’t exactly close (a 12-hour drive, five-hour train ride or two-hour plane flight between them), but that merely increases the opportunity cost potential visitors will have to weigh when choosing their destinations.

“Jeffrey Katzenberg and the DreamWorks organisation have created a dynamic film brand and a deep library of intellectual property,” said Burke. “We have enjoyed extraordinary success over the last six years in animation with the emergence of Illumination Entertainment. The prospects for our future together are tremendous.”

It would be very soon when Poo and the Minions will share the stage, I hope that some important producer from DreamWorks read this post and make it happen because it would be very funny!

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