Learn How Google Is Reportedly Building An Amazon Echo Rival

The Giant tech company Google couldn’t stay behind when comes to an attractive market share: House Automation.

It is being shared among those close to google’s unofficial news ,that the giant is working on its version of Amazon echo; it seems that a good candidate name is “Chirp” . According to Recode,  Google has been working on it for some time but willing not to disclosure its secret plans when reporters asked about it.

Whether Google wants to acknowledge it or not, “us” the consumers can feel the Giant’s breath close to topic’s neck. Google has invested millions of dollars acquiring Robotic companies and AI algorithms for data mining, content relevance, and even outer of space travel.

Therefore, it would be more than obvious that is time to leverage all that infrastructure, knowledge base, and skillful personnel to grant themselves an opportunity into House Automation space.

It Is About The Millions Or Business Expansion?

We can call it whatever we want, Google won’t stay behind and it will claim his share from the pie. In my opinion, the Giant is after both angles. Google, a monster size company, has to stay innovated and on the top of trending line of business in order to keep itself at the front of the battle. Its revenues are immense but also its operations cost.

It is a fact that once small companies start doing very good with a unique product, they become a target. The big fish will start looking at them to either absorb the startup or take note of their name to be on the list of opponents.

Since Amazon is too big to be acquired by Google (nothing is written on stone), Google will keep an eye on anything interesting enough to create a market niche where they are not a part of.

Amazon Echo is now that subject since it went from a cool project idea to be a very profitable business unit with a large list of capabilities. According to Time: “[Consumer Intelligence Research] estimates that three million of the devices may have been sold since the product was introduced.” Now, Amazon is heavily working to expand “Alexa” Echo to version 2.

Amazon Echo is collecting consumer data and behaviors to become even smarter and work with more and more devices. Also providing a constant integration item list for our loved house electronic devices, ranging from AC thermostats, lights, cameras, oven, fridge, and others. There will be a time soon that Echo will work with almost any smart house gadget, Google doesn’t like that!

Google is the king of data collection and that is why he knows almost everything we do online. Such navigation data is what makes Google so effective to serve ads, provide an analytic suite, site content indexing, and many others several services.

Google, with its version of Amazon Echo code named “Chirp”, has the opportunity to enter even further into our daily house activities and he won’t ignore this chance for anything.

He has the opportunity to know us better, to put our own data working for our benefit, and takes his big share from a booming profitable market.

It will be anytime soon when Google becomes part of our family and never left, he is actual with us more than most of our relatives while following our navigation data trace.

This leads me to my last question: Will I be able to order “Chirp” on Amazon store?

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