Why Bluetooth iDeaUSA Headphones Are a Match For Bose QuietComfort

Looking for high-quality headphones? We have heard about Bose QuietComfort or Beats, but iDeaUSA headphones are a close competitor. It is a couple of hundreds of dollars cheaper than its alternatives and performs impressively good.

No Budget Constraints?

If you are one for those fortunate that have no budget constraints or willing to burn down the credit card, then you would be ok buying luxuries headphones such as Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones – Apple devices, Black – Wired
or Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gold.

While they can provide you with a very good sound comfort and experience, their price is beyond affordability for many mortals, at least me one of them. We might have the money to buy them but not the justification of spending $200 plus on headphones, and still be happy with.

I believe that all come to personal interest and tastes, I just cannot find a justification to spend so much money on one pair of headphones. I have to admit that I’m not one of those sound engineers able to identify all variances of sounds, even until the low tones.

I’m just the guy who likes listen to good music, decent beats, and quality. Also, not paying an arm and a leg for it; for that, I have car insurance.

How iDeaUSA Headphones Came As Good Alternative?

Here is a thing, I was looking for a good pair of headphones to be used on daily work activity. Music taste is around good but not crazy techno, some heavy rock oh yeah! classical instrumental, and latin music when in the mood. With that in mind, I didn’t want to be cheap this time and get a pair of $19 bucks one. Hey nothing wrong with $19 bucks offer, but this time I wanted to treat myself good.

I saw a colleague using a pair of headphones looking very attractive and asked him if I could try it. He played some random music and it was heaven to my ears, what a quality! Looked at them closely, they were over the ears, high-quality material, Bluetooth, rechargeable, and designed for Mac integration.

Headphone was all I wanted and I was getting super excited until…. Until I saw the brand, and of course they had to be good; they were Bose. My face suddenly changed and my colleague noticed right away. Gave his headphones back and asked him what was the price. My colleague took few seconds and said: well they are a bit pricey but you know the quality, sounds—yes yes yes— and I paid $299 for them. Shut the front door!

Why iDeaUSA Headphones Then?

I started looking for some similar headphones with good quality and under $100 bucks. I have Amazon Prime account to receive items in two days shipping, then I went online to see what was there.

Surprisedly enough or not, there is a very poor availability of options of good headphones under $100 price range. Most options are cheap plastic looking, so you should expect bad sound quality.

I was amazed to find an option like iDEaUSA at the affordable price of $70 dollars (as the post was written), and even more surprised to see a solid 4.7 review rating on it.

iDeaUSA Headphones Features

Photo from Amazon


My Two Cents

Finally after few hours of researching and reading reviews, I decided to give it a shot to iDeaUSA headphones. As soon as I got them, I tried them out with a PC, MAC, and iPhone 6 Plus. The results were very good and quite pleasant experience. Here is my addition to trying them out on the field:

5 Coworkers and Friends bought them after seeing mine on practice

  1. Integrates with iPhone like 110% built for it. I can see the headphone battery status
  2. I was able to use a full charge 7 hours straight up. Using Bluetooth and MAC
  3. Works brilliantly on MAC and PC
  4. If you have MAC and iPhone synced to, it makes a funny noise effect when power on. Think because try to announce devices connection twice
  5. No noise introduced or quality lost because above point
  6. They are over the ears, have normal size ears, but I have used them for 6 hours straight and no pain or discomfort
  7. The quality is very very good: bass, soft, low and high tones
  8. Price is unbeatable for the quality. I expect the price to go up!
  9. If no battery left, you can still use audio cable and works even better, no wireless or Bluetooth interference
  10. You can take phone calls, yes, quality is not great there I have to say. Maybe skip this one
  11. Sleek design and wrap around the head super nice
  12. THIS IS NOT a sponsored review. It is my experience to help headphone shoppers

If I were you, I would hurry up and buy iDeaUSA headphones before the price rises up. For its current price, you won’t find a better alternative out there. If you still undecided, check out below link and read over product description plus buyers reviews.

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