Workplace Chat Tool Slack Reaches 3 millions Daily Active Users

Slack has quite a lot of users that are logged on to the chat service during working hours and even after hours by using the mobile version. The company announced a quick update stating that service is growing pretty fast, tripling its daily connected users in less than a year and doubling its concurrent users in the past 8 months.

Why Slack Chat Is So Successful?

Well, Slack has expanded its vision to not be an another chat tool, but a workplace indispensable tool. They are doing so by adding the mentality of micro-services or integrations. Micro-services are very popular nowadays on technology software companies and products like Amazon Echo, where integrations are called Skills. Google is also following Amazon Echo path and trying to get into the business competition.

That being said, Slack is following a mentality that works and works well for the audience, whether individual or corporate. On slack, you can add integrations as Bots, Jenkins, Webhooks for notifications and way more from a list of approved integrations items.

When you put that together, now you can easily understand why 77 organizations from the Fortune100 list are using Slack chat tool o their daily activities. Companies from Facebook, Dropbox, Comcast, Intuit, eBay, Under Armour,  EA, and Atlassian.

Think about what do you think their clients could be influenced to use? Small and medium corporates will follow those big companies examples as they would figure: If those companies are using Slack, I should do it because it is productive!!

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Slack hasn’t stopped to celebrate their 3 million daily active users and begun adding voice and video chat capabilities. They are now working on making “Sign in with Slack” the enterprise equivalent of Facebook’s universal Login.

Slack Company Is Currently Valued at $3.8 billion

Slack chat company raised another $200 million in fundings during April- May period. The company has demonstrated the capacity to grow while product quality keeps going up; that will attract more Thousands of new customers.

It is true that big chunk of their current clientele is free but Slack will come around to get that money back, as Facebook did it years ago. That goal is achievable even more now after Slack incorporated Robert Frati. Frat, previously at Salesforce and Oracle, he is expected to lead Slack’s efforts to target large corporate accounts to add to its roster.

I’m currently using Slack services and love it! What about you?

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